• So what are we to do now?

    As mentioned here and in so many places during this time in history we have come to the place where we, as strong, freedom-loving Americans must stand up and DEMAND that our country be governed by the NESARA law. It has been law since William Clinton signed it in October of 2000.

    1. We need to let our politicians, elected officials and government leaders KNOW THAT WE KNOW about NESARA. 

    2. We need to require, demand, and yell from the rooftops that we WANT NESARA now! We need all of the patriots, people who love America, and folks who are tired of being enslaved to take action. 

    3. Think of ways we can let our friends, relatives and communities to also know about NESARA and start talking about it, preaching about it and demanding it!

    4. Sharing this website is a start. Let us know how we can make it clearer, more instructional and educational.

    5. PROCLAIM LIBERTY IN ALL THE LAND! Don't wait for anyone to rescue us!

  • ANNOUNCING: NESARA is the Law of the Land in U.S.!


    The U.S. of America has had the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) as the law of the land since 2000.

    Find out about it.

    Find out how it has been hidden from the public.

    Tell everyone you know.

    Demand your lawmakers abide by it.

    Let's set ourselves free!



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