Why Doesn't the Government Announce That NESARA is US law?

    This question is one the mind of almost everyone who is aware of NESARA-GESARA at this time in history.

    What is going on? 

    Many resources that I rely on for intel communications, are saying that NESARA in the US and GESARA for the rest of the planet has already begun to be instituted in the background since the summer of 2020 actually.

    As you can imagine a worldwide financial change from the bottom up is a major undertaking. The black hats, diabolical families that have controlled the world economy for many years, haven't given up their control easily.

    All of the countries that have signed on to NESARA-GESARA have agreed to all the precepts, which goes far beyond just the financial system. Of course, those who control the money have been in control of everything as well.

    When you realize that countries who are participating must also cease all aggressive actions against other countries and peoples. Much of the world scene that shows possible invasions and aggression may only be a "show" -- a movie to wake people up to what life could be like otherwise.

    It takes wisdom and perception to observe world events, to research using alternate media sources and figure out what is really going on. We recommend you seek out sources like NewMax, OAN, Telegram, GETTR, Rumble, Bitchute and others.

    These platforms tend to not have the censuring that is heavy with any mainstream media -- NBC, CBS, ABC, even FOX, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don't just gulp down what the black hats are trying to feed you. It is time to be VERY particular about what you are watching, hearing, reading and, therefore, believing.

    Take care of yourself! We send love and blessings of abundance.


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