Can you believe that NESARA is already law in the United States? It maybe seems unbelievable, but it is true.

IMAGINE for a moment what it could be like. . .
In the NESARA society our Creator wants us to be excellent in all areas of our lives. We’ll have wonderful abilities untapped like treasure for the betterment of humanity with witty inventions of new technologies to enhance and improve our lives.
Our transition from the chaotic systems we’ve all been lived with to an environment that will feel like miracles before our very eyes. We will participate in fabulous benefits of the new wonders and resources of our world. New technologies will enhance every aspect of living and ridding society of hunger, poverty, ignorance, injustice, prejudice and lack of understanding through educational methods will enable everyone with an in-depth understanding of traditional and non-traditional knowledge absolutely free. It will become a right of every human to be empowered with the highest levels of education in every discipline desired.
The results will be simple: the Human Resource will be viable for the future of humanity. There will no longer be sickness or disease, hunger or poverty, war or the causes of war among humanity, or natural disasters without protection from the elements thereof using new engineering and advanced materials sufficient to withstand typical natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, or the impact of a meteor.
The benefits will also include technology for the cure of present day medical illness without common pharmaceuticals, advanced technology to replace missing limbs, advanced technology to correct physical issues related to mental illness, advanced technology to reverse aging, advanced technology to remove negative elements within illegal vaccines designed for depopulation.

1.Become educated about NESARA with the following Resources:
  • Go to and join the movement.
  • Read the Complete History of NESARA at this link..
  • Let your elected officials in all jurisdictions know that YOU KNOW that NESARA is the law of the land and demand they begin to implement and obey it, because you as a Sovereign citizen require it!
  • Watch for signs of NESARA/GESARA being implimented. It is law and is being rolled out quietly and little by little. This is not cause chaos or total confusion in our societies.
  • Share with family, friends, neighbors to help everyone realize and rejoice in these marvelous changes to our lives -- financially and in many other ways!
Imagine the creation of new superfoods that will enhance the human body in so many areas and supply food without those chemicals that have tainted our food supply. Imagine 86 new food groups and new wonderful gourmet dishes made from new food sources.
Imagine the creation and implementation of new transportation technology that does not pollute the environment or use of fossil fuels. Imagine flying your RV to remote camping sites using all the comforts of home without disrupting the environment. Boating on Oceans and Lakes won't make huge wakes. Flying to locations and settling on the waters again with all the comforts of home without disrupting or polluting the water while enjoying the habitats in or out of the water.
Also imagine the creation of new security forces to protect humanity from harm and security from the unknown. Imagine respecting all cultures and the people of host nations with their individual liberties and well-being; not the UN or any other world government concept but the same benefit to each host nation for the benefits of their people on Earth and in other planets with new transportation from Earth to other dimensions and plants eco-friendly to our own 
(Taken from Man of God Document 9).

Here are some steps you can take TODAY!

So what are we to do now?

As mentioned here and in so many places during this time in history we have come to the place where we, as strong, freedom-loving Americans must stand up and DEMAND that our country be governed by the NESARA law. It has been law since William Clinton signed it in October of 2000.

1. We need to let our politicians, elected officials and government leaders KNOW THAT WE KNOW about NESARA. 

2. We need to require, demand, and yell from the rooftops that we WANT NESARA now! We need all of the patriots, people who love America, and folks who are tired of being enslaved to take action. 

3. Think of ways we can let our friends, relatives and communities to also know about NESARA and start talking about it, preaching about it and demanding it!

4. Sharing this website is a start. Let us know how we can make it clearer, more instructional and educational.

5. PROCLAIM LIBERTY IN ALL THE LAND! Don't wait for anyone to rescue us!

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